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Levels on a scale of 1 to 9.  Easy 1-3;  Intermediate 4-6;  Advanced 7-9


LIT001 Frances Blaker, Yaquina River. Score & parts (Sextet: S A A T B BassVdG/Cello. Alternate part 6 for contrabass recorder). Level: Intermediate (5-6). $18.00

» Written for Joann Anselone and the Oregon Coast Recorder Society, this is a very accessible and charming piece which eddies and flows over a ground bass. 

Yaquina River was favorably reviewed in American Recorder, the journal of the American Recorder Society, January 2007.

LIT002 Paul Ashford, Music for Marionettes. Dramatic sketches. Score & parts (Trio: A A T). Published in three parts. Part I: “Music for Acrobats” Part II: “Full Moon Over Zanzibar,” “Sinister Street,” “Wheels Within Wheels” Part III: “Nerves of Steel,” “A Tense Moment,” “The Cold Gray Dawn,” “The Second Waltz,” “Exit March” Level: Advanced (7). Part I $16.00; Part II $18.00; Part III $20.00; set of Parts I, II, and III $45.00

» Composed in 1952. Published in three parts, the complete suite of eleven pieces is 20 to 25 minutes long. Individual movements, however, may be played separately. “I had a great time playing these pieces and liked them very much…” (Review in American Recorder, November 2007) Written for advanced players in 1952, but, with practice, accessible to today’s upper intermediate players.

Music for Marionettes was favorably reviewed in American Recorder, the journal of the American Recorder Society, November 2007.

LIT003 Paul Ashford, 24 Figurations. Variations on a theme. Score & parts (Trio: A A T or trio: A A/T TrVdG). Level: Advanced Intermediate (6-7). $20.00

» A set of 24 variations written for recorders about 60 years ago. The eight-measure theme is developed in different styles from classical to exotic, always inimitably defined by the recorder. Performance parts for A A T recorder trio and for A A/T Treble viol trio are included.

LIT004 Paul Ashford, Fisher’s Hornpipe. Fiddle tune with variations. Score & parts (Quartet: S A A/T T). Level: Intermediate (4-5). $8.00

LIT005 Paul Ashford, Lamplighter’s Hornpipe. Fiddle tune with variations. Score & parts (Quartet: S A A/T T). Level: Intermediate (4-5). $8.00

LIT006 Paul Ashford, Leather Britches. Fiddle tune with variations. Score & parts (Quartet: S A A/T T). Level: Intermediate (4-5). $8.00

LIT007 Paul Ashford, Turkey in the Straw. Fiddle tune with variations. Score & parts (Quartet: S A A/T T). Level: Intermediate (4-5). $8.00

LIT008 Corlu Collier, Money Musk. Fiddle tune with variations. Score & parts (Quartet: S A A/T T). Level: Intermediate (4-5). $8.00

» Five fiddle tunes with variations, originally written for the Seattle Recorder Guild in 1948 and 1949. These have been very popular with recorder ensembles. The dance character is preserved throughout. For soprano, alto, and tenor recorders. The fourth voice could also be doubled on great bass recorder, ‘cello or viol. 

Ashford's fiddle tunes were favorably reviewed in American Recorder, the journal of the American Recorder Society, November 2007.

LIT009 Frances Blaker, Four Pieces for Recorder. Score and parts (Trio). “Foxes and Ravens” (A A A), “Wind Ships” (A T B), “New Psalm” (A T B), “Wood Peckers and Tommy Knockers” (A T T/B) Level: Wind Ships & New Psalm, Intermediate (5-6); Wood Peckers and Tommy Knockers, & Foxes and Ravens, Advanced Intermediate (6-7). $20.00

» Written for Lost in Time, a consort of the Oregon Coast Recorder Society. Playful pieces that range from a frolic (of foxes and ravens and maybe a porcupine), a lachrimae (“wind ships”, i.e. clouds), a new psalm (Appalachian influenced) and a woods and cabin sketch (“…while staying in a wooden cabin at Sitka, I found myself noticing all sorts of tapping, cracking noises, some rhythmic, as the wood peckers, some random, as the eaves of the cooling cabin.” Blaker).

LIT010 Corlu Collier, Gomorrah Suite. In three movements. Score and parts (Various). “What Have I Ever Lost” (A), “Lot’s Wife” (S T B), “Not Me” (A A T B plus optional S in final measures) Level: Advanced Intermediate (6-7). $15.00

» Meant to be performed as a suite, but each short movement can stand alone. Inspired by the poem “His Wife” by Shirley Kaufman, it is an expression from the woman’s point of view of the story in Genesis of what happened on the plain before Gomorrah. The last movement is suitable for a larger group.

LIT011 Hendrik de Regt, Partita for Solo Alto Recorder. Score. “Preludio,” “Allemande,” “Courante,” “Sarabande,” “Bourrée” Level: Advanced (7-8). $12.00

» Contemporary music for the recorder by the prolific Netherlands composer, Hendrik de Regt. Modern tonality, but no extended techniques. Very attractive. Reviewed by Bernadette Pollen in BLOKFLUITIST, May 2009. 

LIT012 Paul Ashford, Twelve Carols for Christmas. Score and part (Trio: Score S A T, optional voice and guitar; Part, voice and guitar). Level: Variable, mostly easy (2-3). $15.00

» Traditional and tuneful settings for recorder trio, meant to be performed with singers and guitar, but very satisfying for recorders alone. 

LIT013 Hendrik de Regt, Partita for Solo Tenor or Descant Recorder. Score (T or S). “Preludio,” “Allemande,” “Courante,” “Sarabande,” “Sarabande II,” “Gavotte,” “Gigue” Level: Advanced (7-8). $12.00

» Another contemporary partita by Hendrik de Regt (see LIT011), for solo tenor or soprano. Traditional forms with modern tonality. Intended as a suite, but movements may be played alone as well.

LIT014 Hendrik de Regt, Partita I for Recorder Consort “St. Polycarpus.” Score and parts (Quartet: S A T B). “Intrada,” “Allemande,” “Courante,” “Sarabande,” “Menuets A and B,” “Bourrée,” “Fantasy,” “Air,” “Gigue” Level: Advanced (7-8). $22.00

» We asked De Regt for an SATB piece. This is his first partita for recorder consort. Again, an outstanding contemporary suite in nine movements. Written in contrapuntal style. An intriguing mix of traditional form with modern tonality. Each dance movement has the rhythm, meter, and tempo of the traditional dance form. Movements may also be performed separately.

LIT015 Hendrik de Regt, Partita II for Recorder Consort “Terpsichore.” Score and parts (Quartet: T T B GtB). Alternate part 4 for tenor viola da gamba). “Entrée,” “Allemande,” “Courante,” “Sarabande,” “Bourree,” “Musette,” “Air,” “Menuet,” “Ricercare,” “Galliarde.” Level: Advanced (7-8). $22.00

» Contemporary partita for a lower voiced quartet. Terpsichore, the muse of dance, inspires De Regt to lighter dances. The Dutch ensemble Capriola performed four movements from Terpsichore on extended range renaissance instruments. A very satisfying suite. The lowest part for great bass has been transcribed also for tenor viola da gamba.

LIT016 Hendrik de Regt, Partita III “Thalia” for Recorders in Three and Two Parts. Score and parts. “Intrada” (A T B), “Pavane” (T T B), “Galliarde” (A A A or B B B), “Canon I” (A B), “Canon II” (T B or S A), “Fantasia quasi canon III” (B GtB or A T), “Moresca” T GtB or T T or S S, “Menuet” (A T B). Level: Advanced (7-8). $22.00

» Thalia, the muse of comedy. De Regt takes off with a lighthearted Intrada and Galliarde. All but the Intrada are written in the enneatonic, or nine-tone, scale. The Intrada scale is just six tones (but transposed eleven times). Instrumentation is variable. Movements I, II, III and VIII are trios; IV, V, VI and VII are duos. Parts are provided for each combination of instruments. 

LIT017 Harold Owen, Variations on a Bourée by Praetorius. Score & parts (Quartet: S A T B). Theme and seven variations. The theme returns with divisions. Level: Mixed, Intermediate & Advanced (6-7). $20.00

» Composed for presentation at the International Society for Music Education convention in 1994 held in Eugene, Oregon. Michael Praetorius’ well known Bourée followed by seven clever variations in specific styles, and a reprise of the original bourée with divisions. Delightful. Howard Owen is professor emeritus of composition at the University of Oregon School of Music. 

LIT018 Frances Blaker, Into the Woods, or A’Hunting We Will Go. Score & parts (Quintet: S’o S A T B Gemshorn). Also suitable for recorders or like instruments. Level: Intermediate (5-6). $18.00

» Written for the Oregon Coast Recorder Society (who also play gemshorns). Because it is written for gemshorns, the range is limited to nine notes in each part, but it is a fun piece for recorders too. Intermediate level. The player must be agile. The piece, after all, is accompaniment for a charming story about a herd of five goats that decides to go hunting for birds… 

LIT019 Frances Blaker, In Sight of the Ocean. Score & parts (Sextet: S A A T B BVdG/Contrabass Recorder). Level: Intermediate (5). $18.00

» Blaker’s most recent (2008) programmatic piece on the subject of water, in this case the ocean. In compelling fashion, the music depicts ocean swells, and the accumulating energies of the waves. Commissioned by the Oregon Coast Recorder Society in honor of their director, Corlu Collier.

LIT020 Hendrik de Regt, Ave Maris Stella: Hymn I for 6 Recorders. Score & parts (Sextet: Coro I: A T B; Coro II: T B GtB, optional TVdG). Level: Intermediate-Advanced (6-7). $22.00

LIT021 Hendrik de Regt, In Adventu Domini: Hymn II for 6 Recorders, or 3 Gemshorns and 3 Recorders. Score & parts (Sextet: Coro I: S A T Recorders, or S A T Gemshorns; Coro II: T B GtB, optional TVdG). Level: Intermediate-Advanced (6-7). $22.00

LIT022 Hendrik de Regt, In Nativitate Domini: Hymn III for Recorders or Gemshorns. Score & parts (Sextet: Coro I: S A A Recorders, or S A A Gemshorns; Coro II: T B ContraB Recorders, or T B Gemshorns & BVdG). Level: Intermediate-Advanced (6-7). $22.00

» For the Christmas season, sextets in two balanced choruses, written purely in diatonic modes. Hymn I, Ave Maris Stella (LIT020) is for recorders only, with optional tenor viola da gamba. However, Hymns II and III, In Adventu Domini (LIT021) and In Nativitate Domini (LIT022), have gemshorns in mind, which makes them intriguing pieces for either intermediate to advanced recorder players and gemshorn players. Fascinating two-chorus pieces.

LIT023 Hendrik de Regt, Partita IV “Melpomene” for Two Alto Recorders and Two Tenor Recorders or Four (Böhm) Flutes ad Libitum. Score and parts. “Preludium,” “Allemande,” “Courante,” “Sarabande,” “Bouree,” “Canary.” Level: Intermediate-Advanced (6-7). $22.00

» Melpomene, the muse of tragedy. The first movements are serious and expressive, giving way to the more lighthearted Bourree and Canary. This fourth Partita, like the three earlier ones ("Polycarpus," LIT014; "Terpsichore," LIT015; and "Thalia," LIT016), is based on modes of eight and nine tones within the octave.

LIT024 Frances Blaker, Mutations, plus Perotinian Version for Orchestra. Score and parts. Mutations (Quartet: A T B GtB). "Solagio," "Haller," "Ciconery," "Perotinian." Level: Intermediate-Advanced (5-7).  "Perotinian" in orchestra form (Octet: Combinations of S A1 A2 A3 T1 T2 B GtB and Optional Viols). Level: Intermediate (5). $22.00

» "Each of the four movements of Mutations is built around a 'harmonic' passage found in a piece of medieval music. . . . In Mutations I have taken four such moments and used them as inner structures for these movements."

LIT025 Michael Purves-Smith, Trois Poèmes du Musée Jean Aicard. Score & parts (Quartet: S A T B Recorders with underlay for choir). Level: Intermediate (5-6). $18.00

» Settings of three poems that the composer discovered in the garden of the home where the French poet, Jean Aicard, spent his last years. The music captures the poems' joyful innocence and the poet’s love and concern for the denizens of his garden.

LIT026  Paul Ashford, Hottentot Tune. Score & parts (Quartet: S A1 A2/T T/B or quintet: S A1 A2/T T/B Cello/Bass VdG). Level: Intermediate (5-6). $22.00

» Based on a melody collected in the nineteenth century by missionaries to Africa.

LIT027/028  Frances Blaker, Sans Issue.  

LIT 027: Score & parts (Quartet: S&N A T Recorders and Double (String) Bass). This edition also includes the score for the orchestra version (S1& N S2 A1 A2 T1 T2 TrVdG TVdG DblB/BVdG Pf). Level: Quartet, intermediate (5-6); orchestra, easy and intermediate (3-6) $22.00

LIT 028: Parts for the orchestra version (S1& N S2 A1 A2 T1 T2 TrVdG TVdG DblB/BVdG Pf). $20.00

» Written for Corinne Newbegin of the Oregon Coast Recorder Society, Sans Issue features a lyrical string bass solo, which, according to the composer, "can be played on cello, viola da gamba, contrabass recorder, bassoon, trombone—the list can go on."

The orchestra version, with parts of a variety of difficulties, is suitable for playing at workshops and is also flexible as to instrumentation. 

LIT029 Frances Blaker, Un Morceau de Jeanne. Score & parts (Quartet: S A T B). Level: Advanced intermediate (6-7). $15.00

» Written in honor of Jeanne Lynch, whose profound influence through her work with music lives on.

LIT030 Paul Ashford, Five Cowboy Songs. Score & parts (Trio: S A T or T A T or quartet: S A T B (Bass part added), all with optional Voice and Guitar). Level: Easy (3). $12.00.

» Charming, adaptable arrangements of “Chisholm Trail,” “The Cowboy’s Lament,” “I Ride an Old Paint,” “The Colorado Trail,” and “Night Herding Song.”

LIT031 Oregon Coast Recorder Society, First Tango. Music by Committee. Score & parts (Sextet variable ad lib.: S A T B recorders, cello, accordion). Level: Lower-Intermediate (4-5). $10.00.

» A fun piece composed by the Oregon Recorder Society, challenged by their director to submit individual measures in tango genre, which she then assembled as "First Tango."

LIT032 Oregon Coast Recorder Society, Mico's Dream. Music by Committee. Score & parts (Sextet variable ad lib.: S A T B recorders, other instruments). Level: Lower-Intermediate (4-5). $10.00.

» Composed by the Oregon Coast Recorder Society after studying "Fantasy No. 9" by Richard Mico (1590–1661). OCRS's director challenged members to submit individual measures, which she then assembled as "Mico's Dream."

LIT033 Letitia Berlin and Frances Blaker, Twelve Etudes. Alto recorder. For Intermediate and Advanced players. $10.00

» Favorites from the composers’ six-week Practice Challenges, in which participants are invited to practice every day under the e-mail guidance of these two master teachers. 

LIT034 Frances Blaker, Winds and Waves: Three Pieces. Score & parts (One quartet and two octets: So S A T B GtB CtrB variously). Level: Upper Intermediate to Advanced (6-7). $20.00.

» Commissioned by the Oregon Coast Recorder Society and Sitka Center for Art and Ecology to celebrate 20 years of the Winds and Waves recorder workshop. The composer has been on the faculty of Winds and Waves every year and has held several recorder residencies at Sitka Center, where the workshop takes place.

LIT035 Charlene Marchi, O Come Adore Him: A Christmas Suite. Score & parts (Quartet: S A T B). Level: Lower-Intermediate (4-5). $22.00.

» A suite in five parts: "The Messenger," "This Wondrous Child," "O Come Adore Him," "The Magi," and "Shepherds' Joy." Each piece evokes a different mood, ranging from a tender lullaby to an all-out joyful romp by the shepherds.

LIT036 Jamie Allen, Three Canonic Duets. Parts (Both AA and TT versions are included). Level: Lower-Intermediate (4-5). $12.00.

» Tuneful canons for playing from afar or in person.

LIT039 Jamie Allen, Providence Raptors. Dramatic sketches. Score & parts (Trio: S A T, Trio: A T B). Published in two parts. Part I (S A T): “Eyas,” “Cute and Colorful Little Killers” Part II (A T B): “Hungry Hawks Hunting,” “Owls in the Cemetery,” “Teenagers with Ferraris” Level: Advanced (7–8). Complete edition (Part I and Part II) $45.00; Part I alone $20.00; Part II alone $28.00.

» Providence Raptors is the title of a stunning and fascinating book by nature photographer Peter Green. With the author’s blessing, Jamie Allen composed this suite of pieces, each inspired by a different vignette in the book. Published in two parts; individual movements may be played separately. Play-along recordings of the pieces, performed by the composer, are freely accessible online at jamie@jamieallencomposer.us.